Healthy Life: Portions – How much is too much?

Portion control sounds like a nasty term but it’s actually super important and the one that most people completely ignore the most when trying to eat healthy. Many people believe that if they exercise and cut out certain foods then they will lose weight and improve their health. Although these are certainly true to a certain extent, it also ignores the important question of how much is too much. You can be eating very healthy food, but eat too much of it and that can become a problem in itself.

A normal adult size portion of protein for example should be the same size as your hand. If you can hold the food in the palm of your hand then the size is correct. A great way to measure your portions without getting too technical and obsessive about it is to simply use a salad plate for your meals. Dinner plates have actually gotten bigger over the years and we have just kept filling them up along the way. Restaurants are the worst for this as the portion sizes in most restaurants could actually feed two adults with just one meal.

Another easy way to understand how much you should be eating is to drink a glass of water before your meal then eat to subside your hunger but not to the point of feeling full. When you feel “stuffed” you have most likely eaten too much.

Food is meant to be enjoyed as it is certainly one of life’s great pleasures. However in order to have a good relationship with it, treat your body with care. Take care what food you feed it, choose healthy options that will give you energy and fuel your body with correct portions.

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