Healthy Life: Montreal company releases Halt face mask, a washable mask treated with double antimicrobial technology

With the WHO reversing its stance on face masks last week, while cities are opening up for business, it is now a priority for everyone to own a few face masks as we accept and adjust to the new “normal” that will be our reality as we deal with the challenges of circulating in public places, events or activities with other people.
What sets one face mask apart from all the others? Safety and comfort. Because while we all know that we’re not supposed to touch our masks or our faces in order not to infect ourselves or spread germs, it has become apparent that very few people outside of operating rooms or the medical profession follow this protocol, simply due to the fact that no one has ever had to wear a face mask before.
After extensive research, Montreal company Proprietary Brand Sourcing has created Halt, the first reusable face mask with double antimicrobial protection. The antimicrobial Q-Skin fabric used to produce the mask features silver ions, which limit bacterial growth and provides the wearer with an ultra soft, breathable mask. To add an additional layer of protection, the mask fibres have been treated with an antimicrobial treatment to reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi transmitted onto masks via respiratory droplets (aka “salival spray”), thus preventing deterioration caused by harmful bacteria. 
Engineered for comfort and durability, while keeping safety the number one priority, the antimicrobial protection on the Halt Face Mask can stand up to 100+ machine washes.
Unlike most masks on the market that only have two-way stretch (in most cases left to right), Halt face masks are  produced with a four-way stretch fabric to optimize comfort and fit, stretching in both directions - across the face and from nose to chin. Its ergonomic design allows the wearer to speak freely without the mask ever touching their lips.
Reusable, washable masks are eco-friendly and cheaper than paper surgical disposable masks, which are intended for single-use only. Calculated out, one Halt reusable mask eliminates the need for over 100 single-use masks, with a significantly reduced impact on the environment. Single-use masks can’t be worn for more than 2-3 hours as their efficacy disappears once they become moist from the user’s breathing. 
The Halt masks are available in three sizes: adult, kid and young children. Currently the masks are available in participating drug stores throughout the province of Quebec, as well as online at