Healthy Life: How to capture your travels

Travelling, without you trying, will create everlasting memories. But it never hurts to keep all the memories together in one place to look back on once the trip is over.

When I spent three weeks travelling across Europe, I wanted to make sure I had a place to keep track of all of the funny jokes I made with my friends, all of the beautiful views I was witnessing and all of the day-to-day adventures I was experiencing.

I did so by capturing it through a video, a scrapbook and a travel journal.
Video/Movie: One of my friends who came on the trip with me decided to film the experience. The final result? A two-hour long video that takes me right back to the days I spent in Europe; it perfectly sums up the trip. The video contains it all: the pre-trip, the post-trip and everything in between. It is the perfect way to visually play back my experience for the rest of my life.

Although making a video takes work, skill and patience, it is so worth it in the end!

Scrapbook: Throughout my trip, I took photos of everything: famous monuments, gorgeous landscapes, my friends and I and so much more. I also kept any tickets and any other mementos that I got. When I got home, I printed the images and separated them by day. My scrapbook creatively compiles all of the little mementos and photographs that represent the trip. Looking back at it is so special.

Journal: This is my all-time favourite way that I captured my trip! Every night, before going to sleep, I took about thirty minutes to write in my journal. I wrote all about the day: what I experienced and how it made me feel. Now, when I read the journal back, I can wholeheartedly feel the emotions that I was feeling in the time I was writing. Also, having this physical journal in my hands makes me feel connected to the countries I visited because it was with me throughout the entire journey.

So, there you have it: three unique ways to capture your voyages!

That being said, it is still important to live in the present moment before trying to capture it for the future. See the views and capture the moment with your own eyes before your cell phone does. However, once it’s all taken in, then you can enjoy capturing it for the forever!

- Melissa xo

My name is Melissa Migueis and I am a student at Dawson College in the profile Cinema-Communications. I love to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating clean, being active and keeping a healthy mindset! Oh, and you can always find me somewhere in nature!