Healthy Life: How about some good news now: COVID-19

The COVID-19 Coronavirus has taken over every major news source. Reporters are sharing frightening statistics about the virus from all perspectives. It’s our job to listen to this news and remain informed about the truth. However, with hourly horrifying updates, it can take a toll on our mindset and mental health.

So, in the midst of all the suffering and sadness that the world is currently experiencing, I want to highlight some positives and find the light in all of this darkness.

  1. Strengthening community: The coronavirus has done a lot of damage, but amidst the damage, it is bringing communities together. Now, more than ever, people are uniting and spreading love to one another. For example, in Italy, the government has put in place strict rules to self-quarantine as they have become the new epicenter of the virus. However, they are supporting each other through song. Stepping out onto their balconies, the Italians are singing and playing music to connect and support one another.
  2. A time for self-care: When was the last time you were asked to stay in your house and do nothing? Life has a funny way of passing us by, but now is the perfect time to slow down. Now that you’re staying home, use it wisely. Take this time to breathe, meditate, journal, read a newspaper, do yoga, or anything else that re-charges you and helps you live in the present moment.
  3. Environmental Improvements: It’s no secret that the environment has been hurting, and Coronavirus is giving Mother Nature a break. The air quality is improving, there are less green house gas emissions and there is less waste. Even the canals in Venice, Italy have cleared up. Swans are now swimming on it, and the fish are visible!
  4. Decrease in cases: Since the end of November 2019, there were around 80,800 cases of the virus in Wuhan, China. But good news: the last temporary hospital used to treat those affected by COVID-19 has been closed because the cases have dropped significantly.
  5. Many companies are offering free services: Once again, communities are coming together to show support in this hard time. This time, though, it’s through the digital world. For instance, Scholastics is offering free educational services so that children can keep on learning. Also, many fitness centres are taking their services to social media. Modo Yoga, for examples, has set up a schedule of virtual yoga classes through Instagram’s LIVE feature. Not only is this bringing the community together, but it’s helping children and adults continue to train both their brain and their body.
  6. Beating the Coronavirus: A 103-year-old woman in Wuhan, China beat the Coronavirus after being treated for 6 days! She is the oldest to do so. 
  7. “Shopping Angels:” Jayde Powell, a pre-med student at the University of Nevada, decided to gather a few volunteers to do groceries for the elderly in the area. Now, volunteers across the United States have joined the community of “Shopping Angels” and are helping bring food to those who are most vulnerable to the virus.
  8. Lending a helping hand: Health care workers are working hard to treat all those infected. Inevitably, at this time, the hospitals are short on staff. Thankfully though, 10,000 retired health care professionals have stepped up in Quebec (CTV News).

This is a rare time in history. It’s a time where the entire world can truly understand each other. And that in itself is quite beautiful. We’re truly all in this together.

Together, let’s choose to spread love over fear. Let’s listen and be smart.

With time, everything will be just fine.

Stay safe, wash your hands & always look for the positives, even if they’re a little hidden!

-Melissa xo

My name is Melissa Migueis and I am a student at Dawson College in the profile Cinema-Communications. I love to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating clean, being active and keeping a healthy mindset! Oh, and you can always find me somewhere in nature!