Healthy life: Hot flashes

Let’s discuss. I’m not sure if mine are more intense because I’m being forced into menopause but there are times I feel like I’m being broiled in the oven. All my life I’ve been the cold one. The one who had to take a hairdryer in my hockey bag to warm up my skates before putting them on. Or heating up my hands and feet before heading out to the bench to coach. Hot shots for me because I have Raynauds phenomenon. What’s that you ask? The circulation to my extremities gets cut off when I get cold causing the bottom of my feet, toes, hands and fingers to go white, then blue, then purple. Fun eh!! Painful! I wouldn’t last 2 seconds if I fell thru ice. Can’t grab anything if your fingers don’t work. Even holding a cold drink in the summer sunshine can cause it, but now since hot flashes pffttt.... non issue. Hello science world, I’m here if you want to examine this. I’m now the easy bake oven. It comes fast and without warning like a rogue wave. It leaves my clothes moist, like I’ve been spritzed causing me to chill after because the air temp is still cool outside or I’m sitting in an arena. My face gets HOT as if I’m sitting in Jamaica sun. There are times I’m driving and the window is open when it’s minus 5. Me!!! It’s crazy how fast it snakes thru my body. Why am I discussing this? Because it’s going to happen to every woman eventually and why not know what to expect. It’s going to suck more than having your period. At least with your period, you have one week a month where you can expect some cramping for a couple of days. With this, hello random heat. I actually just purchased a fan I can plug into my phone for when I get back to work so I can cool off. That’ll be fun. Who’s the new lady with the fan on her desk. Eeesh.

Laura Muer is a native West Islander and single mom, and she's not defined by life’s curve balls.