Healthy Life: Christmas

Merry Christmas.

I still say if that way because Christmas is traditional and I’m that kind of gal.
Another one in the books and I couldn’t help but think that one day my son will have a family and it’s definitely not going to be me hosting formal dinners. I still don’t bake or cook. It’s too complicated, it’s like math. Sure I love watching the Big Bake and Guys grocery wars but I leave the big stuff to mom and my twin, Tracey. I mean why pretend I know what I’m doing and ruin a good thing. Over the time I’ve been home, I got sucked into watching the tv Hallmark Specials, not because they’re any good, actually, they suck, but, I can’t turn away. I like trash tv. I like train wrecks and these movies check both boxes. What I’ve noticed is the same formula for these movies/ adults acting like love struck teens for the first time with the word tradition in every episode and everyone now is carrying coffee cups in almost every scene. The sets are blinged out as if Buddy the Elf got his hands on them ( watch the movie Elf if you don’t understand the reference) complete with lights around every piece of furniture in the room and at least five Christmas trees throughout the house as if it Windsor Castle. So here it is, the formula: Opposites meet by chance, star crossed lovers faces, sexual tension that’s never acted on say for one great kiss, one sad past life story, helpful hand with tradition, everything in life happy again, the End.

I still have time to tell you what I did to my son at CMas this year HAHA. He got one gift/ because it’s CMas everyday for him all year and I’m not working yet, he’s sixteen blah blah.. so, I like the unusual, you’ll never guess gifts haha.. the box looked like a shoe box. I wish I could print the pictures of his face for you. It was priceless. He didn’t appreciate where I was going with the gift, it was a David Bowie Barbie! Cool right!! The gift that’ll keep on giving. The gift that one day you pull out and say wow, I have one! Well, he didn’t get it and I got texts about it while he was at his girlfriends place celebrating. We’re going shopping today. Jokes on me.

Laura Muer is a native West Islander and single mom, and she's not defined by life’s curve balls.