Healthy Life: 6 Ways to get on the path toward happiness

In my current practice as an Empowerment Life Coach @ Inspiration 2 Intention Life Coaching, and having worked with a multitude of families in different capacities over the years in the educational field and helping profession, many people have a hard time identifying the very thing(s) that can bring them contentment.

Here are 6 ways to get on the path toward happiness today!

1- Make Happiness a Priority. Make yourself a priority. If you take care of your mind and body then connecting to yourself and to others will become easier too!

2- Love Yourself. Accepting yourself for who you are (strengths and flaws) leads to greater self-love. You do you!

3- Gratitude. What are you grateful for? Appreciating people and things in your life always opens you up to deeper happiness.

4- Make a list of all the people that you like to spend time with. Why do you like to spend time with them? Spend time with those people. They make you happy.

5- Make a list of all the things that you like to do and that are meaningful to you. What speaks to you? We all have activities that we just love to do! Do those things.

Some ideas: Gardening, scrapbooking, listening to music, exercise, meeting with a friend, etc.

6- Carve out a specific time each day where you will do one thing that is solely for you. Do this activity at the same time each day. It will get integrated into your routine and become a positive habit. Find something that brings YOU great happiness.

Be present in the moment. Create a balance in your life to avoid burnout.

If we achieve this, it’s a win in my book! If you believe that you have enough mental and physical strength to tackle those stumbling blocks and learn from them, you will achieve the happiness that you are striving to attain. Positive mindset is key. You’ve got this!

If you need help, reach out to loved ones and/or an Empowerment Life Coach like me.

NOTE: Consult with a Psychologist or Psychiatrist if you’re struggling with anxiety and/or depression.

Be yourself. You are worth it! Do what you love and love what you do. If you want more out of life, stretch and reach out for your happiness. It is there for you to pursue. Just take it one step at a time, ultimately leading towards a more fulfilling life. Do it one smile at a time and one day at a time!

Caroline Bougie is an Empowerment Life Coach & Blogger @Inspiration 2 Intention Life Coaching. She does 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Workshops, Keynote Presentations and more. Wednesday appointments available. Caroline has a West Island Office at The Yellow Umbrella Wellness Center. Book a 30 Minute Free Call today (514)833-6025. She will also be running a 10-week Stress Management Program at the West Island Women Center on Tuesdays from 10am to 11:30am starting September 17th, 2019.

Caroline Bougie is a Certified Empowerment Life Coach & Blogger who works with women, moms and parents in the areas of parenting, self-esteem, stress management and momtrapreneurship. She has a West Island office. Follow Inspiration 2 Intention on Facebook and Instagram, or visit her website.