Hair slugging is the new face slugging

Face slugging has been a hot topic all over TikTok, but have you heard of hair slugging? It's a way to seal in moisture for stronger, healthier, and shiner locks. By using specific hair treatment products, you can help give your hair a healthy dose of TLC and achieve long-lasting results for weeks to come.

Be sure to coat the ends of your hair with these products before you go to bed. Better yet: seal it all in with a sock and scrunchy to avoid friction throughout the night. In the morning, thoroughly wash and dry your hair, and you'll discover that you have noticeably soft, smooth hair. Here are a few products to help you get maximum results from hair slugging:

Absolut Repair Instant Resurfacing Mask. It's perfect for very damaged hair and is infused with gold quinoa and protein to instantly resurface and restore all hair types with a lightweight touch. It leaves hair seven times shinier and smooth.

Instant Resurfacing Conditioner. It will immediately restructure damaged hair, and its creamy formula nourishes the hair fibres.

Instant Resurfacing Shampoo. Use this to deeply cleanse hair from the roots prior to hair slugging.

10 in 1 ABSOLUT REPAIR. It instantly provides dry, tired hair with nourishing treatment, frizz control, heat protection, and more.

Mythic Oil. It's enriched with a unique blend of argan and cranberry oils to provide a barrier from heat during stylish and keep hair shiny smooth: The former is extracted from the legendary Moroccan Argan tree and has been used for centuries to leave hair soft and luscious, while the latter was used by the Native Americans for ancient medicine due to its high level of protective antioxidants.

All available from L'Oreal Professional.

- Jennifer Cox