Gift Guide 2022: The best gifts for those who seem to have everything

What do you get for that one person on your list who seems to have everything they would ever need? You get them something that's practical, something everyone can benefit from having. Here are 4 great gift ideas for the hardest people to shop for on your list.

The Shark Stratos UltraLight Stick Vacuum is the quintessential cleaning product for homes and condos. Easy to use, it is decked out with all kinds of features: powerful suction allows it to clean both carpets and hard floors, it has a low-profile design so it can clean under furniture, and the attachable pet multi-tool allows you to pick up fur and hair from furniture, upholstery, stairs, and more. It even includes odour neutralizing technology to guard against offensive smells for a fresher smelling home.

The Guinness Book of World Records. Every year it's updated, and every year it will amaze, awe, and inspire! This is a great book for young and old alike and will become a conversation piece all year long. It's the perfect coffee table book or collector's item year to year.

Great slippers from Reef. I love the house-and-errands from Reef. They are the perfect combo of slipper and shoe: a cushiony footbed lined with cozy faux shearling, and an easy on/off upper made of toasty, 100% recycled wool felt. They come in a wide range of colours and will keep anyone's footsies warm and comfortable.

Everyone loves a good dad joke. Check out Gift Republic's deck of the 100 of the best, cringe-worthy jokes. Everyone might pretend that they are embarrassed by dad jokes, but we know they secretly love them. It's the perfect gift for any dads, dads-to-be, or your friends with that dad-joke energy.

- Jennifer Cox