Fundraising for St. Thomas High School

Rebecca Salpeter is a sixteen year old secondary four student at St. Thomas High School, and is active in their international baccalaureate program. A major part of this program is learning about the business world in their entrepreneurship class. This school year, Rebecca had to complete a business project while incorporating various marketing techniques learned in the classroom. Rebecca created a marketing consulting firm focusing on her school. For Rebecca’s project, she decided to sell MLists cards. This is unlike most of her classmate’s projects in that she is helping to raise money for her school, while advertising for them as well as benefiting her buyers with discounts at various establishments throughout Montreal.

Rebecca did outreach to her community to sell her cards, had a school wide email blast and personally emailed each teacher inviting them to buy a card. In addition, Sandra Philips from Smart shopping blogged about Rebecca’s project this past December as part of her great holiday gift ideas. Allsales posted the flyer twice on their Facebook page and tweeted it to their followers in both English and French. An Mlist company supported Rebecca by emailing 4000 of their clients, telling them about the cards and letting them know that purchasing the card gets them a gift with purchase.

Rebecca’s success is due to her hard work and creativity, something the Home and School Association will certainty appreciate when they receive a cheque from the MList card.