Frugal shopping tips

Shopping has put quite a dent in my bank account - most of my regular shopping is by necessity: groceries, toiletries, new clothes for the kids (as they grow by leaps and bounds), school supplies, etc. But, admittedly, I also like escaping on my own every so often to indulge in a new niceties - after all, this busy mom deserves it! But I do try and pull in the reins and cut down on costs, and there are a few frugal shopping tips I've learned over the years. And I wanted to share them with my faithful readers.

Have a list. Even if you're on the hunt for new shoes, you want to have a written-out list of things you need to buy on your particular shopping trip to avoid impulse purchases.

Pay attention to quality over quantity. Sometimes, spending a bit more will ultimately end up costing you less. For example, we all know that when we cheap out on kids' shoes, we're inevitably buying new ones within a few months.

Buy out of season. Yes, it's nice to stay ahead of the trends, but truthfully, it's not always feasible (or cost-effective). Things that were "in" last season are not all that "out" within a few months anyway. And you'll end up with some great threads at the fraction of the cost as when they first came out.

Have a "mix and match" wardrobe. Piegon-holing yourself into one "look" can end up being pricey. But, when you have different pieces that can easily be mixed into your overall wardrobe, it's much easier to spend frugally because you won't have to stick to one specific style.

Update outfits with new accessories. You don't always need new clothing items (like jeans or tops) - if you have some tried-and-true basics, you can totally "up the ante" by incorporating a new belt, handbag, or a great chunky necklace.

Check out yard sales, consignment shops, and second-hand or thrift stores. There are amazing deals to be had out there - you just have to find them. Estate sales in posh areas could give you access to name-brand fashions at a fraction of the cost.

Don't skip the clearance racks. There are treasures to be found on that one little rack!

Join store email alerts. Stay on top of seasonal sales and clearance options. When you sign up, they notify you, so no searching for deals. 

Join a loyalty program, like our MList Card, where you can save money on purchases with select retailers.

Melany xx