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Every bag of our Fourmi Bionique granola has a story to tell. They each start with a passion for wholesome ingredients and many a summer day gathering marigold petals, fresh berries and healing herbs in the local woodlands and fields. From local organic farmer to foreign exporter we did go, searching out rare and cared for ingredients, making lasting friends along the way.

Then the finest ingredients of their kind divulged their secrets at the accomplished hands of Geneviève. Designer blends began to sing with harmonious flavour — deep golden oats bellowed their earthy tones, roasted coconuts persisted on a nutty note, caramelized cranberries lifting them all to a supreme aroma until the Plateau neighbourhood sang with the unmistakable aroma of perfection.

People came to see, and taste, and feel the goodness, and the dance of decadent tastes was born — and the demand for more and more of the gourmet granola. Fourmi Bionique was created and a range of ultra-healthy granolas with distinctive personality, Fourmi Bionique granola.


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