Foodie News: Montreal-based Feed Me is launching a Tinder-for-Restaurants free mobile app

Montreal food and travel writer Amie Watson is releasing Feed Me on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store across Quebec today.

Feed Me is a fun way to choose the best restaurant at any time of day, whether that means the best BYOB within a four-block radius, the perfect neighbourhood speakeasy or the best place to order-in after a long day at work. It lets you swipe through photos of thousands of restaurants, bars, grocery stores, cafés, bakeries and butcher listings around you. It's in over 30 countries, but it’s launching first in Quebec.

“I’ve written more than 1,500 reviews of Montreal listings,” says the food journalist. “It took forever!”

The app is in English, but the restaurant names and photos are universal, making Feed Me accessible to people around the world. “The goal is to make reading the reviews fun even if you’re not hungry, like when you’re waiting for the bus or metro or sitting on the couch at home. Plus, I throw in stories about bad dates, lunchtime margaritas and the glory of egg white cocktails along the way.”

“I’m actually a little nervous about backlash from restaurants that I don’t rate highly,” says Watson. Restaurants receive from one M to five MMMMM’s. “The M’s are for ‘mmm…delicious,’ but I mean, I really hate unsustainable sushi, so it’s hard to get a high review even if you’re a well-liked sushi place serving farmed Asian shrimp and Atlantic salmon. I want there to still be fish to eat in 20 years. And I’m biased towards cocktails with egg whites because I’m lactose intolerant but love creamy things."

Watson says that Feed Me is also about saving you time when choosing a restaurant. "I've done all the research so you don’t have to. I read all the Yelp!, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Google and RestoMontreal reviews and add my personal experience to the review, so you can get to know my preferences and either agree or disagree, but at least you know where I’m coming from. And for restaurants I haven’t written a review for yet, the Yelp! reviews are included for you to read yourself. Everything about the app should be convenient.”

How it Works: Swipe right for ‘no’ and left for ‘yes.’ Your favourite picks are saved to a Top 10 list and your ‘no’s’ cycle back into the rotation for the next time you’re desperate (…for pizza, poutine, or burgers, we mean…). Click on the photo to read reviews, view a map, see contact information and swipe through more photos of that restaurant.

Market Trends: According to the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA)’s report Restaurant Industry Forecast 2012-2016:

- Commercial restaurant sales are expected to increase to $61.7 billion a year by 2016 – up from the current $52.9 billion.

- The #1 food trend in 2016 will be delivery, says Baum + Whiteman International Food and Beverage Consultants.

- Most Canadians only decide what they’re going to eat for dinner between 4-5pm.

- 18 per cent of Canadians never bring their lunch to work.

To take advantage of these trends, Feed Me will soon partner with delivery services and reservation services so users can snag a table at Toqué! or order Copper Branch at home without having to close the Feed Me app and open another one.