Food & Drink: Starbucks Canada boosts employee well-being with meditation app Headspace

Photo: headspace

According to a recent press release, Starbucks Canada is making mental health support more accessible to its over 23,000 partners (employees) to kick off the New Year. On January 6th, the company provided all partners with a free subscription to the meditation app Headspace.

This is an extension of Starbucks Canada’s commitment to supporting partners in their mental health journey, the release said. The company also offers a $5,000 mental health benefit to all partners working a minimum of 20 hours per week. The company said it has learned that eliminating the stigma around mental health in the workplace requires providing support and resources for managers to be able to have the conversation. Last year, they developed a pocketbook resource to help partners support someone who is having a mental health crisis.

Additionally, Starbucks has rolled out a Third Place training series focused on various topics such as vulnerability and mindful decision making. And last September, it offered mental health mindfulness support to 12,000 store managers and field leaders in Chicago.

Effective mental health benefits go beyond clinical diagnosis and treatment, they said, and the Headspace app features guided meditations, informative videos, articles, and animations to help users live a happier, healthier life. Because there are numerous mental and physical benefits to mindfulness meditation, this makes the subscription a powerful tool in helping partners improve their overall well-being.