Fill your gratitude jar – it could change your family’s life

Two years ago, I started a family gratitude jar. It’s in our kitchen and anyone can add to it at any given time. Both myself, my husband and my two teenage sons write various things we’re grateful for on small pieces of paper and place it in the jar. Then, once in awhile, we take them out and read them. This exercise of gratefulness has certainly changed my perspective on things, and I hope it has with them too. A few observations:

- The entries are quite funny. Sometimes teenagers are appreciative of the simple things: “I’m grateful for my bed.”

- It shows how your character changes. What you were grateful for two years ago is very different from today.

- It teaches you lessons. I’ve become a more optimistic and grateful person, and therefore less anxious and fearful. I try and focus on my blessings and my gifts.

- It helps you change your perceptions – instead of being upset when things don’t happen, be happy certain things are happening and focus on the good.

- It allows you to self-reflect. I’ve even written “I’m grateful for my sense of humour” for the gratitude jar, and it’s okay to be grateful for things about yourself and what you do. It gets everyone to really think.

"Gratitude is the best Attitude"

Antonella Argento
Co-founder mlist (mummieslist)
Co-founder LYNQ (LoveYourselfNo Question)