Family nights that are fun for everyone

The days are short, the evenings are long, and it's cold out there! If you need some ideas for family nights that are fun for everyone, I have a bunch of great suggestions that are entertaining as well as educational.

Movie night

Have everyone put a movie suggestion in a hat and choose a flick to watch for the night. Pull out lots of blankets and pillows and make a fun snack, like these baked funfetti donuts or s'mores poke brownies.

Hibernation night

Build a huge fort and cozy up inside. Read some books on animals, have something cool to nosh on like fruit skewers, and make some crafts (maybe something for Valentine's Day!).

Game night

You know there are tons of board games, decks of cards and puzzles lying around the house. Let each member of the family choose one, gather around the kitchen or dining room table, and enjoy some friendly competition.

Snow night

Take advantage of all that white stuff and go play in the snow - at night, in the dark! There's lots of fun you can have in the snow, from playing with glowsticks to making a snow volcano! Here are some even more fun outdoor winter activities that can be done day or night!

Creativity night

Let's put on a show! Write a story! Or more! You'll be amazed by how clever and outside-the-box your kids will get when you give them the opportunity to do so. Encourage creativity in your kids and watch what will come out!

Cooking party

A family cooking project is a great way to pass the time, and instill a healthy love for food prep. Make dinner together, have a make-you-own-themed dinner (pizzas, tacos, etc.), or do a hands-on supper like fondue.


Melany xx