Family Activity Of The Week: Ways to connect with family virtually

It's disheartening to think that we can't spend Thanksgiving with a full table and a crowded house this year - however, you don't have to forgo the memories. This year, get creative with these ways to connect with family virtually. And make this holiday one for the memory books.

Eat together - on the screen. If you usually share Thanksgiving dinner with two or three other families, plan to have your meals in your respective homes at the same time and dial in to each other for some usual dinner conversation. Sure, you can't physically be with them, but this is second best.

Plan some virtual games. Before the big dinner, or even afterwards with dessert, partake in a few fun games on Zoom with friends and family. If younger kids are involved, you can play simple games like Simon Says, or go for something a little more interactive like charades or pictionary.

Have a dance party online. Crank up some fun tunes and get everyone on the computer moving. Make sure each person has a chance to play DJ. Add silly songs to your playlist that are fun to dance along to, like YMCA. And include a few slow songs for the romantics in the group.

Share your moments of gratitude with those you love. Whether you're face to face or miles apart, you can still tell those you love how much you appreciate them, even if it's over the internet.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!