Family activity of the week: Insectarium exhibits

The Insectarium showcases insects whose survival depends on the community, and on the clearly defined role of each individual., so you'll want to check out their permanent exhibit with Atta ants, which are among the species that have attained the highest level of social organization in the animal kingdom. You'll also want to bring the kiddos to see We Are The Insects, where you will learn that insects live everywhere - you'll also learn how their many shapes and colours let them eat, hide, defend themselves and find a mate, and play many roles essential for the survival of humankind. You can also enjoy the beautiful outdoors with three specially designated zones: a Discovery Zone, where you can stroll through a prairie to a pond filled with aquatic wildlife. Along the way they’ll find an interpretation modules and hands-on fun for all ages; a Fun Zone, with original games for ages 1 to 5 and 6 to 12, on the theme of insect habitats; and a Picnic Zone, next to the space, includes a picnic area, the perfect spot to relax.