Fall programming at the SYLVAN ADAMS YM-YWHA: They’ve got it all!

With a new season and back to school comes a fresh slate of fun, active programs at the SYLVAN ADAMS YM-YWHA. Whether your child loves sports or swimming, or they are littler or older, there’s something for everyone at the community centre.

Most of the programs run for 10 weeks each. There is a wide range of recreational sports and aquatics-based activities for kids as young as 4 months old all the way up to 15 years old. Classes will be offered in the fields of dance such as ballet and wrestling, there are courses for lifesaving by the pool, there are various forms of gymnastics, and so much more!

“For the first time we will be offering ‘stay safe’ and babysitting programs that are given through the Red Cross where it teaches tweens how to babysit and how to stay safe when their parents aren’t around,” explained Jessica Weiss, Director of Athletics, Leisure & Community Programs. “They get a certificate from the Red Cross, and they personally learn and benefit from it as well.”

There will be the basketball program Junior NBA for children 5-12 years old. “The coaches are trained to teach the Junior NBA way, and the kids who participate get some great swag like a basketball and a jersey. They also get to learn a lot of different skills,” Weiss said.

Dino-gym is a mini gymnastics-style class to help younger participants build self-esteem as well as sports confidence. Classes are broken down into more specific age groups so that the children’s skill sets are more in line with one another. There are programs for 1–2-year-olds, 3–4-year-olds, and 5–6-year-olds.

One of their popular athletic programs covers seven different sports, with a new sport to try out and learn about each week. “Kids get a taste of a variety of sports and, as they get older, they can specialize in what they like to do,” Weiss explained. This program is broken into two groups: one for ages 4-6 years old and another for ages 7-12.

For more information on Athletics, Leisure and Community Programs at the SYLVAN ADAMS YM-YWHA, visit ymywha.com.