Explaining sex to my 8yo was easier than I thought

I'd skirted the question for months: "God gave us you... that's how you were made..." but the bean finally asked me casually during a school break at home the other day: "I know it wasn't just God who made me... how are babies really made?"

My son is way too smart to have not asked this very obvious question. I was prepared - I'd done some research on what's age-appropriate to tell an 8-year-old and what's not. And one thing I took from expert's advice: only tell them what they ask and nothing more.

So, simply put, the woman has an egg and the man has sperm, and together they make a baby, just like bees pollinate flowers. NOPE: He didn't ask how the sperm gets to the egg, and that's fine by me. We'll deal with that later. But for now, he's satisfied with the answer I gave him. We looked at photos of eggs and sperm. And that was that.

A few days later I got a follow-up question, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the how question I'd been dreading: "Two girls can have a baby, right? Because I know two dads can because Clyde on Loud House has two dads." Again, we spoke about how there are surrogates and sperm donors, and the incredible fact that scientists can create life in a lab and then help people become parents.

He was content. He seemed to accept my answers and not ask much more.


How did you explain the birds and the bees to your child? And how old were they?

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