Everything MOM: Why I am in love with Yumi Organics

Given I am the co-founder of LYNQ, I have my finger on the pulse of what's new in health foods, organics, and more. I have fallen completely in love with Yumi Organics' line of delicious and healthful products. They're tasty, super nutritious, and we use their products in my family all the time.

There's nothing Yumi Organics' products can't do - they are preservative-free with no artificial ingredients, not to mention have loads of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B and fiber. And they are super low in sugar, something that I take very seriously as a mom. They were also created by a dietician, so you know they're chock full of healthy, high-quality ingredients. 

Not only do I love what's in Yumi Organics, but I stand behind their overall philosophy: they are all about easy, on-the-go nutrition. And that's what I need in my household with two busy parents as well as two busy teenage boys. I am so happy with this line. And the great thing is, they are offering 10% off all ONLINE orders when you use the discount code: MLIST10.