Etudia Tutoring Center

All Mlist clients will be eligible to an assessment and a free hour of tutoring. The assessment will help the tutor understand the client's needs in order to create a plan of action tailored to them.  The free hour will be their first hour, regardless of the topic.

At Étudia, our ideology is that every student is different, therefore every path to success is paved with different obstacles. With hard work, determination and consistent studying techniques, every student could feel at ease with their academic work, in order to realize their full potential. Étudia seeks to provide a unique learning experience, by which we focus on students' respective goals. Through a plan of action tailored for every type of learner, the development of learning skills, positive study habits, and self-confidence acquired will lead to achieving personal growth. We tailor to every topic in elementary, high school and CEGEP whether it be in English or French. We also cater to children aged 3-6 with our Mini Étudia Program. This allows them to adapt to a learning environment while learning the basics of a language.

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(514) 832-5187

Etudia Tutoring Center

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  • Address:
  • 2020 Route Transcanada
  • Dorval, Quebec
  • Canada
  • H9P 2N4
  • (514) 832-5187