Entertainment: The Warsaw Orphan review

Bestselling author Kelly Rimmer has returned with a new historical fiction novel that in true Rimmer fashion does not disappoint. Those who are familiar with Rimmer’s work will recognize The Warsaw Orphan’s protagonist from her previous novel The Things We Cannot Say. The Warsaw Orphan follows young 14-year-old Emilia Slaska, now going by the name Elzbeita Rabinek, as she feels a call to action to help the thousands of Jews who are suffering in the nearby Jewish Ghetto. Upon discovering that a friend is involved in an operation to save and relocate Jewish children to safe locations, Emilia finds herself on the other side of the wall, where she meets 14 year old Roman. As their friendship and eventual love blossoms, the Warsaw Orphans shows us the lengths people will go to in the name of family, love, freedom and honour.

The Warsaw Orphan transports the reader to the Jewish Ghetto and makes you feel the hunger, the anger, the desperation and sadness. At the heart of the novel is family and the depths we’ll go to in order to protect the ones that we love. It highlights the impossible to imagine situations thousands of Jewish families found themselves in during World War 2, where parents had to make the tough decision of separating from their children, sending them off with strangers, to places unknown, in hopes that they have made the right decision to give their children the best chance of survival. It is a heartbreaking novel that you just cannot put down.  

I highly recommend The Warsaw Orphan.

The Warsaw Orphan by Kelly Rimmer is available now.

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