Entertainment: The show must go on, even during a pandemic: Danse 1...2…3

Montreal’s Triple Threat Studio, Danse 1...2...3, rose to the occasion on April 25th and 26th to bring the love of dance into over 500 homes. 

It was supposed to be Danse 1...2...3’s end of year show at Théâtre Desjardins. Evidently, COVID-19 had different plans, but that didn’t stop Artistic Director, Connie Rotella, from finding an alternative way to dance this weekend.

And so, the show went on - virtually! 

“Pre-show” videos were premiering LIVE on YouTube throughout the weekend creating much excitement. Then, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, the students performed their choreographies, acting skits and musical numbers for their families through Zoom. 

Connie Rotella, along with her co-owner and sister, Angela Rotella, worked incredibly hard to see the show through. For these powerful women, putting on a show in the theatre is what they do best, but this was an entirely new avenue. Though, with determination and passion, they did it - and successfully, too!  

Although this wasn’t the typical show with a stage, lights and a live audience, it was nothing sort of amazing. It was different in many ways, but one thing remained the same: the love of dance, acting and singing. All this heart and passion was emitting itself through the screen, and it was felt in every single home.

Post-show, touching and heartwarming comments from families and dancers flooded social media:

“This is the most excitement we’ve had in 5 weeks! What a great effort & show!”

“It was so beautiful and amazing to see all the students come together to perform their routines FULL OUT, in costumes, with hair and makeup done - and over Zoom! The energy and passion was definitely felt.”

“What a success. You turned a negative situation into a beautiful and positive outcome! Just so amazing.”

“Truly a wonderful way to stay connected doing what the kids love!”

“What a beautiful and memorable way to experience the show this year! It was an emotional moment seeing everyone come together and feeling the love and excitement through the screen. Simply perfect.”

It was magical for everyone involved, and was so important in these hard times. It just goes to show that, no matter the circumstance, there’s always a way to dance, spread love and feel connected to those in our community.

Many will look back on 2020 with heartache, but for those who were a part of this showcase, they will remember a weekend that had a glimmer of light in all the darkness.

They will remember a weekend when they felt a sense of normalcy in an abnormal time.

They will remember a weekend when they got to put on a show, and artistically express themselves after being told that their passion was put on hold.

In the most challenging of times, Danse 1…2…3 rose up. They reunited families and friends, shared love and heart, and made hundred of people smile. And that is an incredibly special thing that people will remember forever.

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