Effective ways to save on food expenses

Food has gone up a lot in overall price these last few months, which have hit our wallets hard. But there are ways that you can cut your food expenses down a bit, and here's how:

Buy whatever is in season, and avoid "exotic" items. Look for the items that are in season right now. That may have been tricky during the winter months (I mean, how many root vegetables can you really eat in a week?!), but try and stick to what's in season, buy in bulk, and freeze or preserve the leftovers.

Make a list... and stick to it. There's nothing worse than aimlessly wandering around the grocery store, throwing things haphazardly in your cart. Impulse buying will add to your bill, so create a quick list and only buy the things listed there.

Take advantage of savings. That means checking flyers. Know the prices of foods so you can really decipher between deals and non-deals. And, of course, use your MList Card - we have a whole section of food vendors who offer great discounts on groceries, restaurant purchases, and more.

Take advantage of technology. flipp is a cool app where it sends you your flyers digitally through a mobile device. You can even put in your grocery list and it will tell you what's on special and at what grocery stores.

What can you prepare at home? Sure, that Starbucks coffee is amazing every morning, but those purchases can quickly add up. Invest in an awesome travel mug and start making your brew at home.

Melany xx