Dog Night at the Story Zoo

Welcome to the Story Zoo, where animals get up and tell their stories in front of a live audience. Tonight it's Dog Night, so get ready for some hilarious but touching stories from dogs of all kinds, including a bulldog who doesn't want to be judged by his looks; an energetic poodle who saves the day with her yapping; and a stray who takes fetching to a whole new level. So much fun to read with younger readers as well as let new readers practice their new skills.

Activities to go with this title:

- Make this simple origami dog craft - let each member of the family make their own pup!

- Toilet paper roll dogs can be toted around with little yarn or string leashes! Maybe they'll do their own little performance!

- Make individual rock dogs and then spray them with a varnish to weather-proof them - they'll look too cute in your garden.