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In Canada, our DKNY flagship store located in Les Cours Mont-Royal, is living up to our reputation. The ambition of Donna Karen New York is taking shape in our shop in Montreal. The shop is a display of the highest standards of creativity, integrity, innovation and quality for both sexes. DKNY clothes are designed for men and women seduced by an international look, with a determined attitude and uncompromising lifestyle. Customer ahead DKNY fashion, appreciates the value of a design, recognizes the quality of a fabric to the touch and knows how to create his unique style with our versatile collection. DKNY clothes allow you to keep your outfit, no matter the circumstances, a business dinner, a casual outlet; you will always be in your place. Our confections are influenced by classical and contemporary elegance. Our clients describe in these words: international, fun, lively and true! Donna says: "... fashion design is the ongoing challenge to find the balance in comfort and luxury, functional and desire." We make every effort to help you find the best combination, the right style and the right arrangement. In addition, our collections are specifically designed for you to mix and match different colors and fabrics with ease. The outfit for the office at the relaxed pace of the evening dress to jeans; we dress up in style, elegance and comfort. Let DKNY help you reflect the success of your attire.

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Les Cours Mont-Royal

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  • Address:
  • 1455 Peel
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Canada
  • H3A 1T5