Daniela Caputo's Destinations: Staying put this summer - Part 1

This summer, I took a leap inside of my comfort zone, literally and figuratively, by not travelling and just staying home.

That, in and of itself, was filled with reflections of my journey so far… only to realize the vast lessons and education I have acquired in the process. To boot, I cannot even pinpoint it to a specific moment during my trips - it is credited to basic global perspectives.

Please indulge me for the next few minutes...

Realize that you don’t have to travel far nor spend tons of money to be an adventurous tourist.

The assumption is when one hears the word "adventure" one automatically images/thinks it’s going to be expensive. However, one doesn’t need to visit every morsel of the destination’s attractions to gain perspective. How about just enjoying your surroundings?!? Novel idea...

Street smarts... this is ESSENTIAL at all levels. Yes, this comes with experience and open-mindedness. During some trips that I took, I found myself being a little paranoid, and it is understandable (with all the media reports out there). And, of course, there are those pickpockets that would try to steal!! All the metropolis cities like Paris, New York, Mexico City, London, and in our own backyard attracts those thieves. This is where it’s important to make sure you know where your belongings are at all times (logical). My go-to safety tip: Buy a basic satchel bag and put your wallet at the very bottom of it. Yes, it’s a pain to retrieve your wallet while shopping, however, the thief would need to go through your entire purse before they can get to THE item. And let’s face it: Nothing can ruin your trip more than losing your passport and/or wallet, so please be to be smart!

If you are in a private group or an organized tour group PLEASE be on time!!!! I cannot emphasize how rude and disrespectful it is to everyone in your group when you're late. I know you might say, "Well, I’m on vacation - what’s the rush?" Well, the rush is that you and your group have chosen a scheduled trip/tour. True, it might seem like a few minutes late is not the end of the world. However, showing up even five minutes late cuts off time that you could spend experiencing the trip/tour. If it’s constant, those minutes add up quickly, and take away precious time from everyone else’s trip. Clock heads RULE…

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