Daniela Caputo's Destinations: Honeymoon travel trends

Hello Travel Mongers,

I’d like to ask you something: Have you gone to a wedding lately and heard the newly married couple reply to your question, “Where are you going for your honeymoon?” and get an interesting unorthodox response? I, for some reason, always expect replies like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica or Cuba. Well, I’m quickly noticing that this has changed!!!

A large percentage of my day job as a Meetings/Event Planner is organizing some wonderful weddings as well as a whole new approach on honeymooning, and I’m loving it!

Allow me to share: As we all know, millennials are a force to be reckoned with, and these future couples are putting their own twist on traditional "honeymoons." They are basically rethinking THE TRIP. Of course, in life, everything evolves, and everything gets re-booted. Well, honeymoon destinations have too. Couples are no longer taking the 1-2 week trip to The Caribbean or Hawaii, etc. Now it’s all about the unconventional trip.

Short and Sweet: The uber mini-moon. Some couples want to party/celebrate their union, however they are just not up to taking a long vacation, whether it’s due to life issues, a new job, a cross-country move, or simply wedding exhaustion. This can help rule out taking a trip. A two- or three-day long weekend trip can be just what the doctor ordered.

Small is Good: The Tiny-Moon is basically after the last toast, the couple changes into their going-away clothes and don’t really go away. They end up staying in a hotel or resort near by.  The thought process here is, they can experience the five-star service without going anywhere too far.

Power Up: The Adventure-Moon. This is for the die-hard knapsackers, where they want to climb the Himalayan Mountains, explore volcanoes and hot springs in Iceland, or go for the adrenaline rush of white-water rafting in Costa Rica. These couples obviously LOVE the off-the-beaten nature of exploring these locations.

Off the Grid: The Mega-Moon. Well, these newlyweds are fortunate enough to plan their trip to be a few months long. They go deep into their travel exploration. They might start by mapping an entire continent such as Europe and then hopscotching across Southeast Asian with ports-of-call to New Zealand and Tasmania. This "mega-moon" basically rewrites the rules of honeymoon expectations based on the duration of the trip and the multiple destinations (I LOVE me this one!!).

That is all for this week my #TRAVELMONGERS – will share more next week ???? xox

Travel safe!

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