Daniela Caputo's Destinations: Airplane etiquette rules for a happy flight

I know I’ve written about this in past posts, however, I feel it necessary to rewrite and remind everyone about airplane etiquette... once again!

Now, where do I start?!

When boarding a plane, settling in for a comfortable flight is a priority, correct? We place our belongings away in the bins to prep for the long haul, reclining our seats and kicking off our shoes. However, let’s keep in mind that one passenger's comfort can be another's annoyance. While this doesn't seem disruptive, maybe explaining to you a few etiquette points can ease the plane ride for everyone on board. Here it goes...

Elbow/Armrest Dilemma: So, whose armrest is it anyway? According to the (etiquette) rules, if you're in the middle, you got the "power" to take over of the armrests. You see, the logic is that the window and aisle seats already have one of each of their very own, so the middle seat gets both interior armrests. Yes, folks, that is the rule.

Your Bag - PLEASE PLEASE PLACE if over your seat: I cannot tell you how many times I’ve boarded the plane ONLY to find that the overhead bin above MY empty seat row is already full? GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! People, please understand that, by doing this, it will complicate matters for EVERYONE! Though it seems like no harm no foul at first, one must walk to a different area of the plane to find a free spot and then squeeze their way back to their seat. Then the passenger whose seat is there won't be able to place their bag above them, and the pattern continues. It is a NIGHTMARE!! Should this ever happen to you, you will need to remember to stay calm, cool, and collected plus learn to be calm while waiting for everyone to get off the plane once it’s landed… because if you try to go toward the packed aisle to retrieve your carry-on bag, let’s just say you’ll suddenly become the BAD GUY.

OK, let me take a walk to de-stress my travel mongers – will come back to you next week to continue my rant…

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