Crazy clowns crawl to our cities

Creepy clowns have been spotted in several countries, including the US, Canada, France, and more. It’s not even Halloween yet! We can’t even imagine what is to  come from these red-nosed freaks. More pranks to scare little kids? More chases down the street with machetes and chainsaws? Not to mention that there are a reported 23 murders caused by clowns in Canada, and hundreds more in the US.

Why must they cause chaos? I mean, every single social media site I’ve been on has talked about these clowns, posted videos on them, shared those videos, and they even made an app about them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll be showing up to our doorsteps on Halloween and asking for candy.

There’s also a rumor about how Trudeau has declared that anyone that is seen wearing a clown costume will be arrested and fined $10 000, not that I’m complaining or anything.

So what do you think about these walking nightmares? Do you think what Trudeau is supposedly doing is a good thing? Or is this just a huge joke that will blow over? One will never know...

Amanda Papoulias is an 11th grader at Westwood Senior High School in Hudson, QC