Communicate to Connect; Talk to your Teen!

As your teen grows older, it may be more challenging to connect with his/her feelings and to just establish a sense of trust when having a dialogue with your teen. It is most important to generate and work toward a relationship where your teen feels comfortable approaching you with anything. Therefore, spending time and allowing your teen to know that you can offer a helping hand in any circumstance is beneficial to your relationship.

There are many ways in which you can develop a trusting relationship. Having lunch with your teen, or even a chat at the Starbucks drive - through, a spa day and a mani - pedi, or even a nice walk to catch the sunset is an opportunity to express an open mind and heart to your teen, so he/ she can feel the ability to converse with you. So spend a Saturday afternoon connecting with your teen by doing something simple, yet fun and create a lasting memory!

Prendre plaisir!