Coconut oil

Coconut oil is probably one of the most amazing health products around. There are actually so many uses for it that every time I think I know them all, I find a new one!

There are literally hundreds of ways to use coconut oil but here are the 8 ways that I use it on a regular basis.

1. Used in baking and cooking instead of butter

2. As a hand and body moisturizer

3. As a hair conditioner

4. In coffee as a creamer

5. As an eye makeup remover

6. A perfect lip balm

7. Soothes mild eczema

8. Energy booster when mixed with raw honey and chia seeds 

Just be aware of over processing as it removes many of the health benefits of the oil. Always buy extra virgin coconut oil for optimum health benefits. 

As a bonus, mamas who have little ones in diapers... coconut oil makes a fabulous diaper cream that works well with disposable and cloth diapers. Wish I would have known that when my little ones were babies! 

Jennifer Florence