Cinderella and the Furry Slippers

Cinderella is dying to get to the ball - she's seen pictures of the fancy castle and the handsome prince, she's heard the fairytales about true love, she's found the perfect dress in a magazine and an ad for a Fairy Godmother. She's all set! Except that the godmother doesn't like the one in the ad, and the castle doesn't look like the one in the picture. In fact, the shoes are definitely not what she expected, and neither is the prince. So Cinderella decides she'll make her own fairytale ending, and it's much more fun anyway!

This is perfect for the princess-loving girl, and the non-princess girls too! A super fun read!

Activities to go with this title:

- Make a fairy wand, but decorate it any way you'd like - it can be pink and glittery, or rough around the edges too!

- Check out this adorable handprint castle. Let your little one fashion her castle to look like anything she likes, whether it's storybook-worthy or not!

- This decoupage letter could be handmade - find the letter at your local dollar or craft store, cut out pictures of your favourite princess (or non-princess) and apply. Hang it on your child's door.