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Dr. Dallaire has been passionately practicing since 1991. She earned her doctorate of chiropractic degree at Palmer College and had previously obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Université Laval (Quebec). Her mission is to adjust as many people as possible, be they well off or less fortunate, in order to allow them to have their good health and be their best self.

Dr. Dallaire is very active in the profession. In fact she is the regional representative of the West-Island chiropractors, a role which has enabled her to complete some interesting projects. For instance, she has created the framework which allows young patients, ages 3 to 11 years benefiting from chiropractic care, to participate in the Petit marathon Chiropratique de Montréal. This activity is a 1 km race that is part of the Oasis Marathon of Montreal. This has permitted chiropractors to have a more active role in the Montreal marathon as they offer chiropractic care to the runners at the location of the race. As an example, the first year that followed the initiation of the project, 200 runners were adjusted on-site by chiropractors.

In 2012, the Association des chiropraticiens du Québec rewarded Dr. Dallaire with the prize of chiropractor of the year. This award is given to members of the Association who show devotion and leadership to facilitate the advancement of the chiropractic profession. Dr. Dallaire had been given the prize for her constant implication and dynamism in the West-Island.

Dr. Dallaire speaks English and French and is proud to transmit her knowledge to her patients and help transform their lives as well as those of their children. Indeed, thanks to chiropractic adjustments, her patients have noted some of the following benefits; decreased incidence of headaches, the ability to walk to the grocery store, decreased infants colics, etc.

Dr. dallaire is mother to two children and grand-mother to a beautiful little girl, Sofia, with who she loves to play. In her spare time, Dr. Dallaire loves to swim and run, and she has participated in many half-marathons.

Entrust your health to Dr. Dallaire who will make it her pleasure to help you find your energy and joy of living.

Professional Affilitations

Member of the Association des chiropraticiens du Québec

Member of the Ordre des Chiropraticiens du Québec

Volunteer Work

Presently Dr. Dallaire is working on an exceptional project in collaboration with the Acceuil Bonneau.

Continued Education

Dr. Dallaire is part of Toastmasters International, where members can learn to perfect the art of public-speaking. At present, she acts as president in her group and has a very active role.


Dr. Dallaire regularly gives conferences, throughout Quebec and surrounding areas, on subjects in relation to chiropractic and health.


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Centre Chiropratique des Sources

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