CBC Kids and CBC Gem launch new kids series about climate change

A new Canadian kids animated series that will explore climate change is hitting the airwaves. Titled Big Blue (premiering on CBC Kids and CBC Gem beginning December 4th), the animated sci-fi comedy will help children and their families understand climate change and teach them about the importance of taking care of our planet and each other. As more Canadians increasingly join the fight against climate change - and with COP26 drawing worldwide attention to the climate crisis - this is one example of how kids TV is also contributing to this movement. Not to mention, the series' creator is also breaking barriers by being one of the few Black children's animators in Canada. 

Created by Gyimah Gariba, a Ghanian-Canadian animator and author who has designed covers for Marvel Comics and also has a massive online following for his distinct illustrative style (with the likes of Rihanna among his fanbase), Big Blue is an imaginative series that follows sibling underwater adventurers Lettie and Lemo (inspired by Gyimah's own siblings) who lead a quirky submarine crew with a magical ocean fairy stowaway named Bacon Berry. Together, they just might unravel the mysterious secrets of their underwater universe. The series drops young viewers deep into a wacky world of comic adventure, while helping to redefine what a family means and how caring for one another is the most important thing of all. In addition, Grammy-winning music producer Timbaland and his Beatclub team produced the series' theme song.

The series is also redefining what the next generation of climate change activists look like. Today's headline-grabbing youth climate change activists and environmentalists are predominantly white, and the entire climate change movement is still lacking in diversity. Kids, especially Black Canadian children, watching the series will now be able to see themselves represented not only because the siblings are both Black but also because they learn the importance of protecting the environment. Greater representation of a diversity of voices in this space is crucial if we are to make a real lasting impact for all communities.