Buying formalwear for kids

Wedding season is upon us, and when our little ones get called upon to act as ringerbearer, flowergirl or even a junior bridesmaid, buying formalwear can make you vow to never do it again! If you're buying formalwear for kids this season, then heed my advice:

Consider the weather and setting of the wedding. If it's an outdoor summer wedding, you won't want to layer up the little ringbearer in a three-piece suit. They'll be uncomfortable and cranky, and it will inevitably end in a meltdown. The same goes for little girls' dresses - thick tights or itchy lace can be even more annoying on a hot and humid day.

Choose comfy shoes. Or at least bring some for the reception. Formal shoes can look nice for the ceremony and wedding photos, but so can super clean sneakers or more dressy/casual footwear. And if they have to wear the polished stiff formal shoes, pack some more comfortable ones for later.

Get a few accessories. Those darling little extras can really put a formal look over the top. For the boys, this includes belts, suspenders, ties/bowties, and even cufflinks. For the girls, it could be a hat or headpiece, gloves, or even an adorable little clutch (seriously - you'll melt!).

Consider shopping online. Local stores won't carry a quarter of the inventory that you'll find on the web - the choices online are endless! You'll find more variety, more colour options, and more style selections. And it will save you a ton of time without you having to run all over town.

Make sure to leave time for alterations. If you're buying formalwear for kids, make sure you start early so you have enough time for pant hemming, waist adjustments, etc.

Melany xx