Best of 2019: Pet Talk: Calming an anxious pet

Just as we want a calm mind and body, so, too, do our furry friends. So here are a few tips on calming an anxious pet:

Like humans, pets thrive off of contact. Some extra snuggles and cuddles can help to relieve some pent up anxiety.

Exercise. Blowing off some steam can be a great way to quiet restless nerves. A good walk or some play time may help to release these stresses.

Toys. Toys can be a great distraction from everything going on around them. 

Essential oils. Lavender oil is known for its calming properties, and can be a great, natural way of helping to lower your pet's stress levels. Spray some diluted oil on your pet, their bed, and around the house.

Check yourself. Are you also stressing out? Because, believe it or not, our furry friends are very intuitive and will pick up on your anxiety too. Maybe it's you who needs a little time out.

Calming treats and chew toys. A lot of natural pet treats and chews will also have relaxing properties to them. 

Crates. Sometimes, your cat or dog may just want to be in their own space (don't we all?). A crate could help to calm them down in a busy or high-stress situation.