Best closet organizing tips

With the fall season upon us, it's time to start preparing our closets for the big wardrobe change - out with the summer stuff and in with the pants, long-sleeved shirts and sweaters. Given the project at-hand, it's also the best time to get your closet organized.

So here are the best closet organizing tips to get you through the process.

Pull everything out. You want to start with a clean palette.

Organize clothing items into seasonal categories. Keep a black garbage bag on-hand for items that are being throw away (because they're ripped, stained, etc.) and a clear garbage bag for things that you will be donating.

Once you've taken an inventory of what's left for your closet, you'll want to buy a few organizational items to help keep the closet neat and tidy. This could include hanging shelves, extra rods, bins, baskets, tie or shoe racks, and more.

When replacing hanging items in your closet, hang them backwards on the rod. As you use certain items, re-hang them properly. After six months, whichever hangers are still facing backwards, you know you haven't worn that item in six months and it should probably be donated.

Include a mirror either in the closet (if it's a walk-in) or next to the closet.

Use overhead storage space for things that you don't use that often (formal shoes, extra bags or purses, etc.).

Be sure to include lighting in your closet.