Bathing suit shopping for a child

Nothing is more uncomfortable than a bathing suit that doesn't fit. Okay, maybe it's being a parent and watching a kid play in the water with a bathing suit that doesn't fit. They're constantly adjusting, drooping, sagging, and falling down.

So if you're planning on going bathing suit shopping for a child, take note of these small words of wisdom...

- Material is key when choosing a bathing suit. Something that is too thin will wear too easily. Look for something that is thicker and more durable.

- Be safe. You also want to choose something that is UV resistant - fabric with a UPF 15 rating blocks 93% of UV rays, while a UPF 50 rating means 98% of rays will be blocked. However, don't totally rely on a bathing suit to act as your child's sun protector - make sure you apply sunscreen as well.

- Make sure it's adjustable. Test boys' swim trunk ties - sometimes they're just there for decoration and don't actually tighten the waistband. Also, make sure any girls' bathing suits have things like adjustable straps.

- Buy a size bigger. Bathing suits often run small in size, so choose one size up to ensure you get the right fit.

- Don't go to trendy. In other words, you want something that will grow with your child past one season. If he or she is into a certain character theme, they may not be in only a few weeks time. More generic themes, like sharks, unicorns, etc. might have more stayability.

- Accessorize. Ok, so you don't really need to do this, but don't our chitlins look so adorable gussied up with matching flipflops, sunglasses or an adorable hat?

Melany xx