An Anthology of Intriguing Animals

Take a sneak peek into this adorable illustrated menagerie, featuring beloved animals that children love. This is a beautiful book filled with stunning photographs and fascinating information, whether it's how the koala got its name or which animal the Ancient Egyptians thought rolled the sun across the sky. Children can pore over the spectacular photographs, including detailed close-ups, and learn fun facts at the same time. Containing more than 200 species, this beautiful modern bestiary lets you find the animals that interest you and possibly uncover a new favorite along the way.

Activities to go with this title:

- Which animal is your child's favourite? Make it out of a brown paper bag.

- Egg carton animals are really fun to make to. Colour them with markers, or paint them instead.

- These coffee filter animals may be made with ocean animals in mind, but really they could be made to resemble any furry friend!