Advent calendars for all!

We love advent calendars in our house. My love for advent calendars began with my mom, who always got my little brother and I the chocolate ones with the good German chocolate. I always obeyed the one-a-day rule - my brother, as always, found the loophole, discovering one day he could cut open the bottom of the calendar, slide out the tray of chocolates, and then sneakily slide it back in after eating every last one. Each day he pretended to eat a chocolate, until mid-month, when my mom lifted the unusually light calendar while cleaning and realized it was empty. He was banned for a year. But I digress...

So when I had my bean, I couldn't wait to start the tradition with him. Nee Nee (what he calls my mom) got him his chocolate advent calendar. And I decided to start a book advent calendar. We hang a felt tree on the wall of my bedroom and I wrap up 24 small holiday-themed books. Each night of December before bed, he chooses one book to open as his bedtime story.

This year we are super excited to try out the City LEGO advent calendar. My little LEGO addict cannot wait to see what's going to be revealed behind each door. I always find LEGO products to be extremely well-made and clever, so I'm sure this will delight him every day.

Today you can find advent calendars centred around all kinds of themes. Different toy brands like Playdoh and Playmobil have fun calendars too. 

For the adults, you can find your own crazy-cool versions of advent calendars: ones centred around makeup and other beauty products, wine, books, gourmet food, and more.

How will you countdown to the holidays?

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