A new convertible venue - Jardin Royalmount Event Theatre opens this summer

This summer, dynamic duo Adam Bultz and Lorne Levitt, the team that created Royalmount Drive-In Event Theatre last summer, have put together a brand-new venue that will remain in place for the next year and a half. The Jardin Royalmount Event Theatre will be a hybrid indoor-outdoor venue that can be rented privately, but one that will also play host to different public events too.

Their experience with the drive-in gave them a clear understanding of what Montrealers need in an experience, and they are in the unique position of understanding how to be flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing government regulations. 

The venue is big enough that someone can book it and then adjust how the tables and chairs are set up to accommodate for correct amounts of social distancing. It also has a huge outdoor garden so guests can be set up in family bubbles apart from neighbouring tables.

"We were so happy to help Montreal come back to life last year, and everyone wanted to know if we were building it again," explained Bultz in a recent phone interview. "We had really hoped we’d be in a situation in 2021 where the drive-in would not be as necessary, and we still maintain hope and believe that, although it won't be the same as summer of, say, 2019, it won't be as strict as last summer. We need to come together but in another creative way."

While Bultz is hesitant to believe inside events will return this summer, he said outside is the new inside. "People can come in their cars and get out to enter the gardens, which we have 15,000 square feet of oasis in midtown not far from where the drive-in was." They took inspiration from restaurants in cities like LA where impressive gardens are a part of the dining experience. "You walk through the restaurant and you’re in the back in this insanely curated garden that feels immersive, and we wanted to create that but on a much larger scale. We want to build something immersive and innovative and tactile with cool activations and more summer feel." An impressive pavilion with glass walls can be used in case the weather isn't cooperating.

A big part of the mandate of the Jardin Royalmount is not just renting it out for private weddings and events, but hosting public programming as well. "We want to be a part of that community connection we had last summer," Levitt said. "We're planning movie nights but unique movie nights where families come and have dinner, order drinks, there's stage entertainment before, and it's a real night out. We want to make it an experience. We'll have evenings where people can come and listen to great music, and comedy nights. We want to offer variety of programming but it is going to be curated and structured much like a supper club - you'll be brought to a table in your own zone that is well-spaced out, with food and drink service coming to you. It's a restaurant-style experience mixed with supper club entertainment."

Bultz and Levitt always put an emphasis on three things: quality, innovation, and presentation. "That's what people have come to expect from us - when they come to the site, it's not just a typical experience but an elevated one," Bultz said. "There is quality entertainment, innovation in the menu, and the presentation starts from the moment you come through our laser-cut gates. The venue is surrounded by boxwoods and high fences, and you feel like you’re walking into an amazingly designed environment. We want people to come, and then we want them to come back."