A different kind of social (cyber bullying)

Although there are many positive effects of social media including receiving daily news and keeping in touch with family or friends, we cannot be inattentive to some of the negative impacts of social media - particularly, cyber bullying. As parents, it is essential to be aware of your teen's social media outlets and friends. Bullying is not acceptable irrespective of your child's age.

Try to establish a level of trust with your teen that will allow her/ him to disclose any important matters with you - especially matters that relate to name calling, which is a form of bullying. Do not take these matters lightly! Any form of bullying can have long-term effects.

Tips on Helping your Teen Escape Cyber Bullying and its Effects:

1. Chat with your teen about cyber bullying and remind her/ him that it is important to communicate with you if it occurs. Ensure that your teen knows that you only want to protect her/him and being bullied will not change your love and care for her/him.

2. Check your teen's social media outlets with her/him.

3. If your teen is a target of cyber bullying, do not allow her/ him to access any of the negative comments.

4. Remind your teen how beautiful she/he is and that those who bully are not perfect people, as the individuals may be facing hardships themselves and displacing their anger.

5. Put yourself in your teen's shoes. Remember, if your teen knows someone who is being bullied, contact parents/guardians. Everyone can make a positive difference in another's life.

Watch this quick video on Cyber Bullying.

Let's put an end to bullying! 

Valentina Bianca is a teen blogger who offers some insight on what goes on in a teenager's world.