6 Easy places to buy organic food

Often people think that eating healthy and organic means doing all your shopping at small expensive health food stores. Not true! The mainstream world is fast becoming much savvier when it comes to eating well. So many consumers are now looking for these items that they have started to appear in many places and often at reasonable prices.

Go Organique

My favorite place in the West Island! I’m very happy to finally have an organic grocery store in my area with very reasonable prices. For once, shopping organic does not feel expensive. Great selection on fresh produce and tons of health food specialty items as well.


WalMart surprisingly has a great selection of organic packaged and refrigerated items. Certain items like YoSo Cultured Coconut “Yogurt” is much cheaper here than in the health food stores.


TAU offers loads of great options when it comes to organic food, from produce and meat to packages items.


Costco as we all know has everything! Including a good selection of fresh and frozen organic foods and because it’s Costco, buying in bulk means you don’t have to shop as often!


Similar items to WalMart and Costco but often better prices under their PC label than the brand names. There’s a small organic dry and frozen food section and only few select items only in the fresh produce. However my all time favorite gluten free bread (All But Gluten) is sold at Maxi for only $2, can’t go wrong with that!

Farmers Markets

I’m a huge fan of farmers markets! Not only are you buying good, organic products but also local ones. Many of them such as Lufa Farms also have delivery services, right to your door.

With a little research, you can start switching out some of the grocery items you have been buying to organic ones without seeing a change in your bank account!

Jennifer Florence