5 Ways to make your guest room the most comfortable

Having a well-appointed guest room isn't challenging - you can make it a cozy, inviting space for out-of-towners by using these 5 ways to make your guest room the most comfortable.

- Sleep in it yourself. Spend one night in your guest room to really get a feel for what guests experience. Perhaps it's noisy, not well-lit, or the bedding isn't all that plush. Maybe you need more storage space. The best way to upgrade your guest quarters is to be a visitor in your own home.

- Have hooks and hangers. People who are coming to your home may want to hang up jackets or sweaters, or be able to hang certain articles of clothing so that they don't wrinkle. Provide guests with ample clothing options.

- Include a few extras. Make sure you offer plenty of extra towels, pillows, or even a blanket. People who are visiting might feel badly asking for these items, so have them in there just in case.

- Give them your WiFi password and a house key. You can always have a little area on an end table with these necessities. It will make their stay that much easier. Go the extra step and make the WiFi password look pretty in a small frame.

- Include a plant in your guest room decor. Having something organic and alive in the guest space will lend a natural feel, and it can also help to improve the air quality of the room.