5 Outdoor family ideas

There's only one way to enjoy all that white stuff: Embrace the snow! Here are five outdoor family ideas that are loads of fun and educational too.

1. Fill up spray bottles with water and food coloring. Use them to draw in the snow or to add some detail and colour to your snowmen or snow forts. 

2. Snow tic tac toe. Kids love the challenge of this simple tried-and-true game, and it's even more fun when you play it in the snow.

3. Glow sticks. Put them under the snow for some light up fun. This is a great witching hour activity to play after the sun goes down. Get a game of hide-and-go-seek with the glowsticks and see where you can discreetly tuck them - and how many you can find.

4. Ice discoveries. This takes a bit of prepwork but it's super easy to do: freeze small toys in ice and then arm your kids with protective eyewear and a small hammer to see who can "discover" what;s frozen in the ice.

5. Outdoor science lab. Kids can get super messy as long as it's outside. Set up a few plastic jars or bottles with coloured water or vinegar, and give them a bowl of baking soda. You never know what they'll "invent"!

Have fun!

Melany xx