5-minute organizing projects that will completely change the way you live

We keep hearing that now is the perfect time to tackle some organizing projects... it's winter, we're in a pandemic, so we should have endless time on our hands. And yet, COVID life has made so many of us tired that it's hard to feel motivated for the bigger projects. That's why these 5-minute organizing projects that will completely change the way you live are easy, fast, and effective. Do just one and see how much freer you feel.

Organize clothes. Forget folding and stacking shirts and pants (especially with kids): fold and line them standing up. Bonus points if you use drawer dividers or soft-sided cubes to separate things.

Fix up the entryway. You need a few basic components: baskets for each family member with their every-day winter wear items as well as a drying rack for wet, snowy mitts and hats. It'll shave valuable time off your getting-out-the-door routine.

Tidy up the pantry. Clear Mason jars and containers are perfect for all those dry goods. It makes food prep and snack-fetching much easier.

Integrate a command centre. Have one designated area, either in your kitchen, a home office or the entryway, for mail, to-do's and a family calendar. Bonus points if you colour-code the calendar by member of the family.

Purge. Do a quick sweep through clothes, toys, or kitchen cupboards. Have two bags: one for donations and one for garbage. If you haven't used something in the last six months, out it goes. You'd be amazed what you can weed through in five minutes in a playroom or kitchen.

- Jennifer Cox