5 Board games the whole family will love

Whether you're looking for a fun activity to beat the cold, or something everyone can do to beat cabin fever, these board games are fun for all ages.

Candyland- This is for those who have younger families. Your toddler can practice counting and learning colours. Ages 3 and up. $9.99

Scrabble Junior- Ideal for ages 5 and older, this simplified kid-friendly Scrabble offers hours of fun. $9.97

Cranium- Disney Family Edition- Whether you act out the clue, draw it or mould it out of clay, this special version of the classic Cranium is magically fun (for 8 years and up). $39.99

Spector Ops- Who doesn’t love a stealth action game? Kids 9 and up, and their parents, can complete missions together in this high-excitement activity. $55.95

Apples to Apples- Having fun with words, this game was chosen by Mensa International in 1999 as a "Mensa Select" prizewinner. For 12 years and up. $14.99

Melany xx