4 Things you need before getting a puppy

Puppies are a lot (read: a lot) of work. While now may seem like an optimal time to get a new dog, given so many of us are working from home these days, puppies are a 10-15 year commitment. And in those first few weeks, they require a lot (read: a lot) of attention. 

If you're thinking about getting your household a new furry friend, consider these 4 things you need before getting a puppy.

- Where will he sleep? Some dog owners go the crate-training route, while others let their pup sleep on a bed out in the open. A good middle-ground idea it to get a puppy pen so at least the dog is contained. 

- Who will be in charge of the walks, cleaning up after pup, and training? Depending on the age of the children in a household, they can help out with going on walks and tidying up any accidents the pup has. Perhaps you should consider basic puppy obedience school as well.

- How will you teach the pup to go on walks? Some pups perform better in a harness while others are more inclined to do well with a collar. It can fare well for certain puppies to practice walking on a leash in the house first where they're familiar. 

- What are the best toys? Pups are all about playtime, and dog toys aren't cheap, so you want the best toys you can find. The bare minimums should be: a good quality ball, a rope bone, something that squeaks, and something that's soft like a stuffed animal. Be sure to always keep an eye on toys to ensure the pup isn't pulling off any threads, tags, etc.